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Ultimate Logistics Agency offers sea freight services that include transportation of both Full Container Loads (FCL) and Less than Container Loads (LCL) from the overseas factory/port of loading to the port of unloading/customer’s door.Express Couriers Shipping benefits from a very solid network all over the world, which allow us to offer excellent prices, as well as always insuring the best service when shipping your belonging. Once again, we can offer services for all types of containers, to adapt ourselves to the huge differences of volume between every customer. Require a quotation, and we’ll be happy to figure out which offer is the best for you.

Why chooseFox Shipping Agency for your Sea freight?

Since 2004, we have built a very strong reputation in the field of Sea cargo. We maintain relationships of trust with every client we work with, always willing to provide the best service on the market. You can rest assured we will take care of all the procedures that need to be carried out for customs clearance. We guarantee the best services, from the smallest shipment, up to the 40ft or 40 HC. Every shipment is different. Therefore, we are committed to adapt our offer to every customer.

A tracking system allows us to tell you, in real time, where your property is located. Thanks to a unique tracking number generated by us, a total trackability tool is at your disposal.

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Container shipping means the goods you are shipping in a freight container will be loaded on a freighter. This solution is adapted to people willing to ship a large amount of goods, or wanting to ship large and heavy items, such as cars, motorcycles, heavy materials, etc. When selecting container shipping, you can choose between two solutions:LCL = Less than Container LoadFCL = Full Container Load


Once the container is filled, it is stored in our adapted hangars. Those hangars are being watched 24/7 by our specialized staff. We also offer refrigerated containers services, with a strict monitoring of the temperature all over the day. No matter what kind of products you are shipping, SIAM Shipping treats every single container in the same way, which means with the greatest attention and care.

How to book space on a Boat?

It is essential to book space in advance, as space on a shipping vessel is limited. Vessels follow predefined routes, serving various ports all over the world. Our job is to book space on a vessel for our customers. For the most popular destinations such as USA, ASEAN or India, vessels might be full even one month before the departure. Asia is a major exporter, that is why reactivity is essential. This is one of our main qualities.


We are not only carrying dry cargoes like mentioned before. In fact, we are used to book a bulker occasionally for liquefied cargoes. It can include oil, petrol, or other chemical liquids. Bulk carriers have been used since the late 19th Century, but their accurate definition is in the SOLAS Convention – since 1999. Since then, different interpretations of the term arose.

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